Our Guaranteed Services

Don’t spend your time managing your property.

Choose to spend time doing what you love and leave the property management to us. We will manage your property and provide the services below with efficiency, passion, and invaluable knowledge.

*Fees all-inclusive – we take care of everything, with one great value fee. Investment Rentals offers exceptional value for investors by providing a complete service for one fee. We also don’t think it’s fair to charge extra for a task that is a fundamental part of the role, like inspections and letters. 

Your weekly fee covers the following

We understand how important it is to keep your property occupied. That’s why we work hard to find you a tenant as quickly as possible. We know that every day your property is empty is lost revenue, so we move fast. But we also understand that it’s not just about finding a tenant, it’s about finding the right tenant. That’s why we screen all of our tenants thoroughly, to make sure they’re a good fit for your property.

Our philosophy when selecting tenants is a ‘no surprises’ operation. When we interview potential new tenants we start with a gut feeling, and after 25 years in the business, this feeling has become very accurate. But, to make sure this feeling is correct, we also follow due process of:

  • Screening all potential tenants
  • Getting them to fill out an application form
  • Performing reference checks
  • Performing credit checks (through an experienced, specialised credit agency)

Once a tenant has passed our rigorous selection process, they will fill out all necessary paperwork including signing a Tenancy Agreement to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

We can talk to you about the tenants we’re considering or you can leave us to use our judgment – we always act in your best interest.

If you’re looking for a property management company that will work hard to find you a high-quality tenant quickly, give us a call at Investment Rentals. We’ll be happy to help.

We will handle all rent collections for you. We collect the payment from the tenant, take off our fee and then forward the payment to you twice a month.

As part of our rent collection service we:

  • Collect rent which is paid in advance
  • Establish automatic payment facilities
  • Ensure regular rental payments are received
  • Initiate remedial action with the Tenancy Tribunal should the need arise

The inspections we conduct for you are thorough. We have excellent attention to detail and know what we’re looking for – we are property investors too!

We perform inspections throughout the tenants’ stay at your property to ensure that the tenants are keeping it clean and tidy, to take note of any maintenance that needs to be done, and to build a relationship with your tenants to gain respect.

We conduct all property inspections including:

  • An initial inspection to provide a detailed inventory of the property
  • An inspection one week after letting the property to follow up on potential outstanding issues
  • Three further inspections per year which include:
    – An inspection report
    – An in-depth management report, and
    – A projected maintenance schedule (on average a minimum of 4 inspections per year)

Landlords are provided with a written inspection report after each inspection. We will do additional inspections on request.

At Investment Rentals, we look for every possible way to reduce the time you are putting into your property. So, we take care of all the maintenance issues for your property.

How Does This Work?

  1. We ask for a disbursement limit from our clients
  2. If the maintenance sits within that limit, we go ahead and organise it

This ensures you aren’t spending your time communicating with us and worrying about fixes to your property.

However, health and safety is always our number one priority, so if we identify a serious issue that is in need of immediate attention, e.g. a water leak issue, we make sure it’s sorted as soon as possible. We only use professional, reputable tradespeople who do a quality job at a reasonable price.

We belong to an informal property management group that consists of 23 small business holders. We share ideas and talk about tradespeople and meet once a month to discuss relevant issues at the time.

We offer the following general property management services. You will be charged a tenancy establishment fee to cover costs associated with advertising, showing the property to prospective tenants, and preparing all the paperwork.

We will cover the costs associated with finding a new tenant if a tenant vacates the property within a year.

  • Marketing & advertising of properties
  • Bond collection and lodgement with Tenancy Services
  • Providing detailed monthly financial statements
  • Arranging for minor repairs & maintenance subject to your pre-approved limit
  • Arranging for quotes to be presented for repairs above this limit
  • Ensuring that disbursements to landlords are done bi-monthly and directly credited to their nominated bank account
  • Ensuring that the property is fully compliant with current legislation

Additional Optional Management Services

  • Additional inspections at $75 (plus GST) per inspection
  • Rent Appraisals at $30 (plus GST) per appraisal
  • Other costs at $60 – $70 (plus GST) per hour
  • Itemised monthly statements
  • Annual statements summarising earnings for ease of tax preparations
  • Regular rent reviews, to ensure your rental returns are maximised
  • Paying water bills for clients. We redirect your water account to us and invoice the tenant for their portion. We handle it all for you.