Why Choose Investment Rentals

Property Managers Auckland

We understand what it’s like to be an investor – we’ve got rentals ourselves!

With care for your property and a strong desire to protect your investment, you can trust us to manage your property as if it were our own. We leverage our 25 years of experience in property management to help our clients.

What You Get From Us

Comprehensive Service

We draw on our experience to effectively manage your properties. You can feel confident that your property is in good hands as we thoroughly screen tenants, conduct regular inspections, send reports and keep you informed about your property.

If any concerns arise, we proactively address them before they escalate. With our help, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of being a landlord knowing your property is in the best of hands.

When you entrust us with your rental property, you don't have to worry about:

Instead you can rest easy knowing we are taking care of all of this for you!

Property management can be a hassle. So why not hire passionate and experienced property managers to do it for you for a small cost!
Learn more about what’s included in our Property Management service.

Considerable Care

At Investment Rentals, we are passionate about property. We carry that passion over to your property when we manage it.

Effectively managing an investment property takes time, from liaising with tenants, conducting regular inspections, to keeping on top of paperwork. So why not hire passionate & experienced property managers to do it for you for a small cost!

Reasonable Fees

Some property management companies will charge you a base fee and then extra for inspections and letters etc. This can quickly add up, especially if things go wrong.

We don’t think it’s fair to charge extra for a task that is a fundamental part of the role. We provide exceptional, comprehensive property management services for a single defined fee of 8.0% of the weekly rent, providing excellent value for money.

On any repairs or maintenance that need to be done, there is a fee of 8.0% of any on-charged incidental costs.

Investment Rentals Can Help You

When we say we handle everything – we handle EVERYTHING. From finding high-quality tenants to day-to-day management, these things take time.

We will perform all of these tasks and more! Work with Investment Rentals so that you can spend more time doing what you love. View the full list of tenancy management tasks.

The key to a successful tenancy is finding the right tenant.

With over 25 years experience, our gut feeling has turned out to be very accurate when it comes to picking the right tenants for your property. We’ve read thousands of tenancy applications and know exactly what to look out for.

However, we always double-check that gut feeling with a very rigorous tenant screening process that we have cultivated throughout the years, including thorough credit and reference checks. This leaves you with high-quality tenants who cause minimal issues.

Keeping Tenants Happy

We value building a strong relationship with tenants. Whenever we communicate with your tenants we lead the communication on a basis of respect; respect for the tenant themselves, and their time. We know that happy tenants who feel respected will ultimately respect your property, which means fewer hassles.

We consistently aim to build a strong relationship with tenants through:

  • Friendly interactions on all property inspections
  • Fast communication
  • Being attentive to all issues
  • Communicating with respect and professionalism

Vacancies = Money Wasted

Having your property sit without tenants costs you money. It is our top priority to make sure your property is always occupied with tenants, to avoid unnecessary costs.

With our knowledge and resources, we can reduce the chances of unplanned vacancies happening, and if they did, we make it our mission to find high-quality tenants FAST.

We have years of industry knowledge under our belts and know the property market like the back of our hands.

Based on this knowledge, along with the latest trends and market prices, we will help you determine the rent price that you should charge for your property.

We have a network of tradesmen who work efficiently, at a reasonable price to deliver high-quality maintenance to your property.

Having these connections allows us to find someone for the job fast, without you having to organise anything or lift a finger.

When your rental is in need of a refurbishment or a touch up, we can take care of it for you, whether it’s a kitchen, a bathroom, painting, or new carpet.

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