Tenant Services

Creating Positive Rental Experiences

Trust and respect are a big part of our philosophy at Investment Rentals. We respect that the property you’re staying in is your home, so we want to make sure that you are living in a comfortable and healthy environment.

We’ve been tenants ourselves, so we’ve dealt with our fair share of bad property managers and we know how horrible it can be to live in an uncomfortable environment.

From our own personal experiences as tenants, we know exactly what our ideal property manager would look like and we strive to be that for you.

As your property manager we will:

You can reach out to us at any time to communicate any problems you are having or any queries you would like answered, and we will do our best to respond promptly. When we work together, alongside the landlord, everyone involved will have a positive, hassle-free rental experience.

We manage a wide range of homes. Take a look at the rental listings we are managing.

Property Managers Who Care About You

We value building a strong relationship with you that is based on respect so that we can work together to keep you happy in your home. All the processes we follow are there to make sure you will have a positive rental experience.

At all times we adhere to the privacy protocols as per the requirements of the Privacy Commissioner.

How It Works

Before moving in, you will sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement and a Bond Lodgement Form to make sure you are protected as a tenant and to acknowledge the amount of bond money that has been collected.

When you move in, we will walk through the property with you to make sure we agree on any damages to the property that were there before you moved in so that you aren’t accountable for them when you move out.

Inspections have a bad reputation around them. Many people think their property manager is looking for any evidence to try to prove that they are a bad tenant.

To be honest, if this is the case, you’ve clearly had an experience with a bad property manager. It’s true that property inspections are for the landlord, to make sure that their property is being well looked after, but they are just as much conducted for you, the tenant.

Property inspections are a great opportunity to discuss with us any issues you’ve been having regarding areas of the home that need to be fixed or any maintenance that needs to be done.

We will actively maintain healthy home standards for your home. Making sure the property is warm, dry, and well ventilated will ensure you’re living in an environment that is healthy and safe.

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