Landlord who provided ‘life advice’ punished

A landlord who provided “unrequested and unwanted life advice” has been ordered to pay her tenant $1530 in damages. Tenancy Tribunal Adjudicator Bernadine Hannan said landlord Christina Liu, who rented her Mt Eden Rd property in central Auckland out as a boarding house, gave the advice as part of an increasingly tense tenancy between herself and Jianing Read more about Landlord who provided ‘life advice’ punished[…]

Healthy Homes Guarantee Act Regulations 2017

About the healthy home standards In December 2017, the Government passed the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act Regulations 2017. This Act amended the Residential Tenancies Act, and enables standards to be made to make rental homes warmer and drier.  The standards set minimum requirements to create warmer, drier rental homes (the healthy homes standards). Heating standard Read more about Healthy Homes Guarantee Act Regulations 2017[…]

War on tenancies should stop

Life for rental property owners may become tougher as Labour’s newbie Housing Minister Phil Twyford tries to “make life better for renters”, Stop the War on Tenancies founder Mike Butler warns. The current raft of proposed tenancy reforms comes on top of what is essentially a 10-year war against the owners of rental property. Concerns Read more about War on tenancies should stop[…]

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